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Control Valves

Pressure Independent Balancing Valves

Danfoss AB-QM was the first of its kind control valve for HVAC heating and cooling applications. It is a control valve with automatic flow limitation and built-in differential pressure control functioning over the control valve. 

Control Valves

Danfoss 2-way and 3-way motorized control valves provide a quality, cost effective solution for most water and chilled applications combined with Danfoss electrical actuators offer possibilities for advanced setup.

Balancing Valves

Manual balancing valves are the best option for constant flow systems to ensure that the design flows in the different parts of the system are correct.

Balancing Valves

Multifunctional Thermostatic circulation valves for establishing safe and energy saving domestic hot water systems. The valves are installed in the circulation pipes and will bring hydronic balance, short waiting times, water & energy savings.


Danfoss Sono® compact energy meters offer both primary side and secondary side meters for heating as well as cooling applications.

Pressure Controllers

Differential pressure controls can be used to reduce available differential pressure in a specific area of a network (area control) before each building subscriber station or at each control valve.